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Generation 2000

Original Sweats

Original Sweats

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Extremely high quality and comfortable thick heavyweight multipurpose sweatpants. Straight leg, with no cuff and at a significantly lower price than competitors. 

Customer Reviews

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Livvy McPherson
Love the sweats!

I ordered the sweat pants a few weeks ago and I love them! Very soft and nice quality while also being light weight, I wear them all the time.

Best sweatpants around

Always my favorite sweatpants to wear. Wether its to the gym or just around im always picking these! the logo is clean and not too flashy which I love!

Dodge Rivadeneyra
I wear sweatpants now

Before I never used to wear sweatpants really. Yes I owned some but never found myself wanting to wear them anytime. That was until a friend of mine told about G2K sweatpants and I reluctantly bought a pair. Little did I know my world was about to be turned upside down. I couldn’t take them off. I could feel myself getting stronger every time I wore them. Know I wear them whenever. In the house, out in public, in school, and to the library. They really have changed my perspective on sweatpants (these ones at least, the other ones suck). So I would totally rate them 5/5 and would recommend them to any beta male who wants to become a sigma male wolf. Wolf out.

Corbett Bryant

Overall great quality sweatpants, super comfortable and great for everyday uses or athletic exercise.

Super comfy, keep my legs warm for basketball and lifting🤘


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